What is Somatic Therapy and how is it helpful?

Somatic therapy is the idea that there is a body mind connection. This means that our feelings and experiences reside in both our brain and the cells of our bodies. Therefore, in order to heal we must work with our minds and bodies. 


What is Hakomi and how is it helpful?

Hakomi is a mindfulness based somatic therapy. It uses the practice of present moment awareness to tune into physical sensations and feelings that can lead us to images, memories and beliefs that have shaped us. Through working with the information that lives in our bodies we can create change and healing.

What is qi gong and how is it helpful?

Qi Gong is an energy practice. Qi is the vital life force that moves through our bodies. When we have energy blockages the qi becomes stagnant or stuck and can create pain, heavy or thick energy, fatigue and many other symptoms. I have been practicing qi gong since 2011 and can offer some simple and basic exercises to open the channels and allow the qi to flow freely. I can also help you tune in to your subtle energy body so you can learn to work with your own qi.