Therapy is a very personal and unique process. No two people are alike and there is no specific formula for healing. What I offer is guidance and a safe space to fully explore yourself and open to your own innate wisdom.

I use the arts, nature and somatic therapy to support people struggling with the emotional challenges of living with chronic disease so they can live with more ease and balance. 

It is not easy to live in this world with a chronic disease, riding the ups and downs of health in the midst of a high pressured stressful society. Living with chronic disease demands extra time, energy, and attention that is often hard to fit into an already busy life.

  • I help people get clear on their priorities to manage their time and reduce stress that comes from being too busy.
  • I teach people about the deeper meaning of self care and how to live from a place of self compassion and acceptance
  • I help people connect to and appreciate the wisdom of their bodies
  • I work with trauma and other wounds that can get held in the body and affect our health
  • I help transform beliefs that get in the way of finding acceptance and joy in our present situation