Expressive Arts Therapy

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

Expressive Arts is a form of therapy that uses the arts to explore feelings, create connection, open creativity and integrate experiences. It can use a variety of art forms in a session and sometimes weaves them together. Examples are:

  • visual arts--collage, drawing, painting, sculpting
  • movement--dance, authentic movement, subtle body awareness
  • writing--free association, story creation, poetry
  • music--making, listening, lyric analysis
  • drama--improvisation/play, enacting situations, empty chair

Do I have to be an artist?

No prior arts experience is necessary. Expressive Arts is more about the process and using the arts as a way to explore and express feelings.

How can it help?

Expressive Arts Therapy is useful because it takes us into our senses and helps us drop below our thinking mind. From this place we can discover:

  • resources we were unaware of that can help us in everyday life
  • new solutions to problems we keep encountering
  • freedom of expression
  • creativity and a renewed sense of vitality
  • fun!!!--let yourself play, experiment and enjoy! There is no right or wrong.